What? I Made Tights! Abby’s Footed Tights Review

Have you ever thought you would sew your own tights? I know I certainly didn’t. Tights are one of those things you buy repeatedly every year because our monsters keep growing and eating and making messes? Not you, just me?  Well we buy thick tights and thinner tights all the time mostly because I am obsessed with them! For both me and the girls. So there is a new pattern designer on the block who goes by the name of The Wolf and the Tree and she has 3 patterns currently: Jane’s Backyard Jungle Flower, Abby’s Footed Tights and Abby’s Trailblazing Socks. I am going to talk your ears off about the Tights pattern, in case you couldn’t tell, and give you all the details about the pattern and how it worked out for me.

This pattern was given to me from the designer for free for the purpose of reviewing. I did not receive any payment and these are my unbiased opinions. 

Fabric used: Aqua 4 way stretch nylon spandex
Yardage used is similar to leggings, so I ended up being able to cut about 2 pairs out of a 1 yard cut.
Version: 4 way stretch pattern size 4 with yoga waistband

Pattern Details:

  • Sizes 0m- 14y
  • Layers to print size(s) you need only
  • Table of contents
  • Glossary and knit guide
  • Pattern pieces for 4 way or 2 way stretch
  • Yoga or elastic waistband
  • Option of side embellishments
  • French seam instructions
  • Fitting for cloth diapers
  • 1 page quick instruction page (no graphics)
  • Sizing chart, yardage chart, printing layout
  • Clear illustrations with easy to understand instructions
  • Grain lines and seam allowance on pattern pieces
  • Color printing with patterned lines for easy gray scale printing
For my little munchkin, I cut the size 4 rights. I’m so used to cutting a size 4, and forgot to really measure so I should have gone a size 3 with 4 length for the fit of these. So you will notice a tad bit of bunching on the photos. Since I used a 4 way stretch, I really should have measured well beforehand. Lesson learned. 
If you are not embellishing anything, these are a quick sew. If you can make leggings, you can make tights. And the goobers are so happy and comfortable. Plus you get to make any type of tights that you fancy. 
So all in all, this pattern is great. The biggest thing is to figure out the best sizing for you(your spawn.) So if you have a skinny mini, make sure you check the waist, seat, inseam, etc to figure out what should be the best sizing. And stretchy fabrics will have more ease so be sure to pay attention to which pattern to use. 

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Be sure to check out her shop HERE and keep your eye out for an adult pattern coming soon. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Rebellious!

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