EYMM Kenzie Party Dress

Well are you a last minute holiday sewista like me, or do you plan ahead of time? Lucky for me, I just knocked out one holiday dress (I actually have 2 done already) Crazy nonsense madness around here! I will always be a person who goes by the wind of the sails. This means, they will probably have 2 holiday dresses because I am fickle and indecisive, and this thing called a Libra. Tell me if you understand that.

This pattern was provided to e free for the purpose of this mini pattern tour. This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them, I will earn a percentage of the sale if you make a purchase. These opinion are unbiased and all my own.

One of the most involved and fancy pattern from EYMM (in my opinion) is the Kenzie’s Party Dress. Not because it is difficult, but when you have multiple pieces, especially in a woven, it takes some more fiddling and sewing. The dress has lots of options:

  • Flutter sleeve or sleeveless
  • plain or flounced skirt
  • Sash or no sash
  • skirt option
  • Size NB-4t, 5t-18, and doll size (each separate or in a bundle)
I decided to go with the dress option in the flounces. It is a little mish mosh like me since I got all these scraps out of my stash, but I’m kind of in love with the end result. Though now, I do wish I had some more black in there. 

Changes I made: 
  • Changed back to open
  • Added elastic between that opening
  • no lining
  • pleated the waistband and smaller sash to conserve fabric

I used gold pleather for the bodice, made it 2 separate pieces that are left open and gathered in the middle with some elastic. I left it raw and unlined because I love the simplicity of it. Then I put various holiday and un-festive fabrics in the layers. Last part was the make that waistband/sash mostly because she is so skinny so she needed it pulled in more.

For reference: She is broad considering how skinny she is, so she falls in a size 5 in the chest but a size 18m in the waist. I didn’t taper in enough and the sash created a closer fit for her.

Now the fun stuff. Buy the pattern on sale for a limited time. You can make it for Thanksgiving, birthdays, weddings, Christmas (photos) whatever fancy occasion you have coming up. It is sure to wow!

Use code HOLIDAYDRESS2015 to save 50% off Kenzie’s Party Dress in either size range (nb-4t or 5-18tween) or on Kenzie’s Party Dress Ultimate Bundle (nb-18tween + 18″ doll size). Code expires at 11:59pm PST on Nov. 21.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Stay rebellious!

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