Gracious Threads Tour: Henday & Petra

I will admit, I may have a pattern touring problem, blog touring problem, sewing problem. But it is really a problem when I get to #sewallthethings? My girls have absolutely no shortage of clothing, and well I don’t really have a shortage of supplies to sew with. #fabrichoarder #clothestobeupcycledhoarder #whenyoualloutofclothegoandsewsomethingnew #orwhenyoudontwanttodolaundry (Do you hear this in the voices of JT and Jimmy Fallon?) This has been quite the year of “makers gotta make” for me. Remind me to do something useful and charitable with that next year. This year has been do not buy anything from the store. Ok, do not buy any ready to wear clothing from the store! And it has been a success with the exception of 1 shirt for my daughter for a funeral. I call that a triumph!

So intro to the tour?  Jess of Gracious Threads decided that the best way to celebrate her new site was to have a tour and sale! That is my kind of party! So offfffff course I joined! I love sewing and patterns and touring. I wanted to remix, because it is just what I do AND it also allowed me to sew along to Top Stitchers! Those themes are crazy, but the one that I kept coming back to was “Bacon Ice Cream.” If you can understand my style, you know why.

First off, here is the tour schedule so you can get inspired and see these patterns in ways you never did before.

I decided to work with 2 patterns. The first one was the Henday Hoodie. I knew I wanted a vest, but that was the extent of what I knew. I think the crop length is perfect for a vest. I left off the hood, wasn’t sure if I wanted buttons or a zipper. In the end, I decided nothing, but the opinionated 4 year old said it needs a zipper so I guess I will be adding a zipper after all. I scored this sparkly denim on red tag clearance for $4 a yard at Joanns. I had some leopard ribbon I got for $1 some time ago.

Changes to the pattern: 

  • No hood
  • No zipper
  • added 1 denim pocket
  • added collar
  • hemmed bottom
The result was this perfect denim vest (well almost perfect.) Now I know the length and shape works well. I can go make some more functioning denim jackets and vests. 

So there you have it. Pattern hack #1. And I have to say, it worked out better than I imagined.

The second pattern I wanted to make was the Petra. I LOVE the look of this dress! It is a knit dress with puff sleeves and a gored skirt. The perfect girly dress for lots of twirling action. Yes, this was twirl test approved!

The gored skirt made me want a princess seamed bodice, and a low back. I knowwwwwww. I’m so dramatic! I wanted the sleeves to stay the same but I wanted a chic 3/4 sleeve. It is one of my favorite sleeve lengths. Now besides the pattern hackery witchery I like to practice, I also wanted to play with fabric and print combinations. We have that fun glittery denim vest that gives this look a more relaxed look. But this dress can be dressy or casual on it’s own. The princess seamed bodice is a combination of pleather (a remnant I got for $2 yeah!) and plaid flannel cut on the bias (flannel was given to me) Then the skirt was cut in 2 layers: top is red leopard print organza and bottom is the plaid flannel. I also added some thing ribbon at the top for ties to keep it up because it ended up slightly too big from my seam allowances to the pattern pieces. My little masterpiece, Yes, I will call it that because I just love the combination of these fabrics and shapes. It made her giddy with delight, and it made me warm and fuzzy- in a  punk rock sort of way.

Changes made:

  • Bodice is princess seams, sweetheart neck and scoop back
  • Bodice made in combination of stretch pleather and flannel shirting
  • Skirt made in organza and flannel shirting
  • Tie added to top of back
  • Sleeves shortened to 3/4 length
I don’t know about you, but this feels very punk rock version of Bacon ice cream. Vegan bacon?

As a gift to all of you, Gracious Threads is offering 40% off your whole cart in my new shop. Don’t miss out on this rare sale! Just use the coupon ANEWLOOK, valid only on website only (not on Etsy or any other 3rd party pattern resellers).
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay rebellious!

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