Top Stitchers SAL: Doomville Princess

The movie, tv, book junkies… post apocalyptic settings are not unusual. In fact, you might spend quite a bit of time fantasizing (worrying) about what living in that kind of life might be like. For instance, I hate guns… capital H-A-T-E them. If it were the only weapon of choice to save my life, of course I would attempt to use it… but I am definitely more along the lines of Michone. Guns, swords, machetes for the win. I also have some theories about living in a post apocalyptic world, but I am a huge conspiracy theorist so you probably don’t want to get started on that topic with me haha. Call back the guns, we have a case of the crazies with this one. So when one of the themes for Top Stitchers was “Post Apocalyptic Style” of course my mind was churning with ideas and I knew I had to sew along to it.

So zombies, world annihilation, pandemics, dystopian worlds aside… what would my life look like in an apocalyptic world? Just so you know, our world is named Doomville. Don’t laugh. You just watch, it will grow on you. Because hello, don’t apocalypses come from doom? Doomville is somewhere Northwest because we ran away from the desert. There isn’t much food, water and it is hot as F there so we had to get the hell out. Now, forested areas are also really well for hiding, as well as whatever is out there to hide so a little more dangerous. But we found an old timber town and have settled down there for the time being. There is still some wildlife and agriculture that is easy to cultivate there. That’s right, fish and berries yo!

My little freedom fighter, and total non-violent girl is a complete princess even in Doomville so she pulled together the most amazing clothes and pieced together this ensemble. To begin with, we used 2 pairs of jeans and a kite to make her vest. Those are the back pockets on the front, and she wanted the back to be kind of like Daryl of TWD. So she attached part of the feathers from the kite to embellish the back. Who said she couldn’t be stylish? This piece was self drafted to fit her skinny little body.

Next, we made a dolman sweater using 2 shirts. If she gets some zombie blood on here, she just has to flip it over and has a new shirt and new look. Schyeah!

Next piece was the pants, because pants are kind of necessary even for a princess. This crazy bottom was from bits and piece of 2 pairs of pants to make a drop crotchy style pant, and a big pocket in the front for foraging. You know pockets are important in these crazy times.

The last piece of clothing is a skirt that was made from an umbrella we found. No seriously, we found it on a walk. The kids took all the metal out to use for their weapons and garden, and we washed that sucker and made a couture bustled skirt that doubles as a bag for when she needs to carry things. And we used more of the kite to add some little pockets for more foraging.

The last detail was this necklace from the ends of the umbrella which also doubles as a whistle in case she is ever in trouble. She has a chic and stylish outfit to get her through our stay at Doomville- or at least until the zombies come in.

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay rebellious!

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