Merry Modkid Tour: Keagan Shirt

The holidays are coming Fast! So fast in fact, that the holiday tours are starting. So I was very excited to be a part of the Modkid tour. 
I am trying to sew for my son more so I chose the Keagan shirt to make. We had to decide on a view, and settled on the Rockstar view. It was the perfect one for the print we chose: an up cycled men’s shirt. I added a black and white plaid and a red star print to keep it rock and roll festive. 

This view was perfect for my little, ok not so little, dude. It also keeps it just subtly festive enough without being labeled as a holiday shirt. He will get lots of wear out of it. 

I know he will get lots of use out of this.

The details of the pattern include 4 views, sizes 2-10, and detailed instructions of each view. This shirt went together so easily. We will definitely have to make more. 
I hope you stop by the rest of the tour to see what they have made. 
Thanks for stopping by.
Stay Rebellious! 

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