12 Days of 1 Hour Projects: Braided Bracelet

It is that time of year again where are scrambling to get last minute gifts, gifts on a budget, christmas parties, teachers, bus drivers, etc. It is a crazy time of year, and while many of us are short on cash, the biggest thing we are all short on is time. I know with 7 people in the family, I am always short on time. So this series is giving you projects that will take one hour or less to complete.

You can also look forward to guest features from: Call Ajaire, Hand Crafted by Red, Lulu & Celeste and House of Estrela

You can find a list of all the days below which will be updated daily.

Day 1: Braided Bracelet (HERE)
Day 2: Festive Fascinator
Day 3: Cat Ear Beret
Day 4: Reversible Paperbag Skirt
Day 5:
Day 6: Hand crafted by Red: 1 Hr (or less) Bow
Day 7: Stamped Geometric Coasters
Day 8: Lulu & Celeste: Kitty Barette
Day 9:
Day 10: House of Estrela:
Day 11:
Day 12:

Be sure to come back daily. There will be projects for all ages, and for the men and adults in your life.

This is a great quick project and scrap busting project. You only need strips of fabric that are 1.5-2 inches wide around 20 inches long. For a basic braid you will use 4, but you can add more for a bulkier bracelet.

1. Get 3 strips of fabric in prints or colors you like.
2. Iron the strips in half. If you don’t want the frayed edges, fold the sides in toward the wrong side like bias tape, then fold in half again.
3. Place the strips on top of one another. Safety pin in place. You can put in a drawer, clipboard or safety pin to your clothing to hold steady.

4. Below is a video of how to start the braid. You will spread the 3 pieces out with the top in the middle then start from one of the outward pieces to start the braid.

5. Once your braid is complete, you are going to sew a seam to form the bracelet. For my wrist, I made it 8 inches wide. That was wide enough to slip on and off like a bangle. For my children, theirs was 7 inches. If you are making the bow version, you will braid all the way to the end.
6. Once you have the seam, push the edges outward and then fold back over to form a bow.
7. Sew the pieces together so that the braid is formed, or use hot glue if you prefer.

Alternate Version
Overlap the ends of the bracelet where you want it to stop. Sew in place (or add hardware instead for a cleaner finish.) Cut off the edges or leave hanging if preferred.

8. Now that your bow is formed, you will take another piece of fabric or ribbon to form around the bow. You can sew the loop closed on the back of the bracelet or hot glue it in place.

The end! You are done. These are great for kids to make, stocking stuffers, classmate gifts, etc. You can make quite a few in an hour, especially if you have extra hands (one cutting the strips, one ironing, one braiding, etc. )

Make sure to come back tomorrow for another project and keep checking back for more ideas.

If you need some ideas now, here is a quick round up of some quick projects to make for gifts.

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2. Vicky Myers Creations: Knitting Needle Case
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4. Vicky Myers Creations: Upcycled Tablet case
5. Felt With Love Designs: Christmas Finger Puppets
6. Lulu & Celeste: Star Ornament
7. Mae & K: Pillowcase tutorial
8. Rebel & Malice:  Fingerless Gloves
9. Rebel & Malice: Watermelon backpack
10. Rebel & Malice: Feathered Collar
11. Rebel & Malice: Horse Fascinator

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Rebellious!

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