12 Days of 1 Hour Projects: Festive Fascinator

Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of 1 hour projects. If you want to find the remaining projects, click HERE I love the glam look, especially the old glamour. There is something so chic,yet so simple about the styles of 30s-50s when Old Hollywood just seemed to shine like the sun. So when I want to add a little glitz to my look, and my girls looks, I make a fascinator style headband. The best part of these is that you can add whatever you fancy: jewels, buttons, tulle, feathers, lace, ribbon, flowers, etc. Today I am showing you how you can make a simple one with an elastic headband (premade or made by you) and some festive sprigs from the floral section.

Gather your supplies. You will need elastic or elastic headband, floral pieces, hot glue, a scrap of ribbon or fabric, scissors or pliers, wire cutters if necessary.

Here are some different types of elastic. You can use fold over elastic or a wider elastic with glitter or a design. thin 1/8 elastic in color of your choice, or basic white elastic 1/4 in. For this tutorial, I used my mustard color elastic since it complimented the gold colors I had.

Here is the elastic measurement to cut your own.

1. Cut your elastic or grab your headband.

Excuse these dry hands. Winter is always hard on my allergen prone skin, plus I’m a nail biter. Shhh. I know, I know!

2. Overlap your elastic by 1/4 in and glue in place. If wide enough, you may sew in place if you prefer.

4. To stabilize glued portion, I take a small strip of fabric or ribbon, and glue that around the glued portion. 

5. Take your leaves, sprigs, flowers off of the stems. Cut down to size. If there is wire in, you may need to use wire cutters to get to the size you wish.

6. Start gluing your leaves or flowers in place desired. I start over where we glued the elastic together so that it is covered.

7. If your pieces are big enough, you can also glue a piece of ribbon or felt on the back side to hold the pieces in place to the decoration and headband.

You are done, and now have a simple festive piece to tie your holiday outfit together!

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