12 Days of 1 Hour Projects: Reversible Paperbag Skirt

We are late, we are late… but here. Sorry for the delay. I started this earlier, but blah blah blah computer problems blah blah. And many hours later, here we go.

Day 4 of the 12 Days of 1 hour projects is a reversible paperbag skirt. It has a lot of steps for you to see, but it really fast to make. If you are a slow sewist, you may take 2 hours instead. The best part ? The pdf I put together with the cutting chart and size chart goes from newborn to 14 years. This is my first multi-sized tutorial, so I hope that you enjoy it!

Click the photo to get the PDF (free on craftsy) with a size and cut chart for sizes NB through 14 years

To get started: you will need some fabric, thread, scissors, a ruler and 3/4 inch elastic, and a bodkin or safety pin for the casing. and of course, your sewing machine (unless you prefer to work by hand.)

I made these measurements to work with the WOF(width of fabric), which standard cotton fabric 44 inches, or closer to around 42 when you minus the selvage edges. If you don’t want to work with WOF, then you want at least 5 inches of ease, but closer to 10. To figure that out, you need the hip measurement + 11 inches. So if your child has a 25 in hips measurement, you will want to cut the fabric at least 36 wide by the length in the chart. With the smaller sizes (up to 2T) you can usually get away with using the waist measurement to figure out the hip measurement as they tend to be pretty rectangle at that age 😉 If that isn’t too confusing, then let’s start the tutorial.

I provided a waist measurement as well as height measurement so that you can mash sizes if you need. My little model pictured is using the size 5 length with the 18m elastic to match her tiny little waist. Now you can adjust the your waist and length to the sizes you need. Also, you can use 1/2 yard of each fabric up to a size 6 and 3/4 yard of each fabric for the remaining sizes.  And since this is reversible, there are no scratchy seams for anyone to be bothered by.

As always, prewash your fabric before sewing to make sure there is no surprise shrinking after wear.

1. Cut your skirt pieces out per the PDF chart
2. Iron 1/2 in towards the wrong side along one of the sides on each fabric. You will want these to mirror one another if the fabric is directional.

3. Make sure your skirt pieces are right sides together and sew along the top and bottom using a 3/8 in seam allowance. You will be starting from the edge of the fabric and go all the way across the fabric pushing the folds out. When you finish sewing these seams, you will fold the fabric back in where you ironed it.

4. Your fabric should be a tube. You will flip it out so that the wrong sides are together and iron along the top and bottom.

5. Make sure that your ironed seam allowance is pushed back in towards the wrong wide.

6. Get your ruler to make your casing marking for the elastic.
For size NB-2T, mark 1 inch for the first line.
For size 3T- 6, mark 1.25 inch for the first line
For size 7-14, mark 1.5 inch for the first line.

7. Mark your second line 1 inch below that line for all sizes.

8. Sew across your marked lines to form the elastic casing. Start from the edge of the fabric and stop before the fabric that is folded in so not to sew over that fold.

9. Put your elastic on the bodkin or in a safety pin to pull through the casing.
10. Sew the edge of elastic along the edge that isn’t folded in.
11. Pull the remaining elastic all the way through and sew in place where right before the fabric that is folded in.

12. Pull the elastic evenly across skirt. You should have a nice gather waist above the elastic now.
13. Place the raw edge inside the folded edges so that the raw edges are sandwiched in between the folded side.  Pin in place
14. Sew from top to bottom of skirt as close to the edge making sure to catch both sides.
15. Pivot across the bottom when you reach the bottom, then pivot back up about 1/4 seam allowance from the seam.

16. The last step is to sew across the casing on the top and bottom lines so that it looks like there is a full casing across the skirt.

You are done! Now you have a fun reversible skirt which means double the outfits, and a great way to pair a fun fabric and plain fabric.

To see all the 12 days posts, clock the button below to see the list.

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay rebellious!

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