12 Days of 1 Hour Projects: Guest House of Estrela

Give a warm welcome to Magda of House of Estrela. She is a queen of repurposing and making some  quite edgy looks. I love this cute little crown that every boy or girl would love.

Hello everyone. This is Magda E. from House of Estrela, happy to be part of this 12 Days of 1h Projects. If you’re anything like me, you start thinking about presents three months before Christmas, and start sewing/making them 3 days before Christmas instead. Ok, I am exaggerating a little… but not much! And those quick projects are always sort of salvation. I am sharing a tutorial for a cute princess crown hairclip. It is a no sew project and you can actually get a few of these done in 1 hour. 

What you’ll need:
– Pattern pieces (find them here)
– Glitter foam sheet 
– 5 small pompoms
– Hot glue gun 
– Scissors
– Fury trims/feathers
– Felt sheet
– Clips (optional)
– Hairclip
What you’ll need to do:
Step1. Use your main crown pattern piece and cut it in the foam. 
Step 2. Apply glue to the extra tip on the crown to create a circle. 
Step 3. Hold it to dry – I use clips to keep it in place for a little as I allow to dry. 
Step 4. Apply a little drop of glue to one pointed edge of the crown. 
Step 5. Apply to pompom to it and repeat for the other 4 left. 
Step 6. Use the circle pattern to cut it on the felt. 
Step 7. Apply glue to the bottom of the crown. 
Step 8. Glue it to the felt, try to center it as well as you can. 
Step 9. Apply glue all around the bottom of your crown and glue your trim to it. 
Step 10. Cut the hairclip pattern on the felt as well. Create a small cut so your hairclip can go through as pictured. 
Step 11. Use a drop of glue to keep it in place. 
Step 12. Turn clip around and apply glue all over it (try not to drop itas I did and get glue all over your working table). 
Step 13. Apply it to the bottom of your crown. 
Step 14. It is done and ready for a little princess head to wear it. It is also a great party favor, isn’t it?!
My little princess loves them so much she has requested more of them, including a blue one, since she loves everything blue. You can see two more of these, in my blog today, by clicking here
Cheers, Magda E.
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