Goodbye 2015

2015 was one of those years for us. Lots of love, lots of laughter, and lots of tears. By the end of the year, we lost a lot of things, including very important people in our life and jobs. But at the end of 2015, we have our family and happy(mostly) healthy children. There have been lots of screaming, cursing, kicking and tons of frustration of Why Me? moments. But please karma, don’t be harder on me because these gray hairs are multiplying like something fierce.

One of my proudest moments: Abstaining from alcohol for the entire year of 2015 for no reason other than to say that I can do this. It started as a support for my husband, and 18 months later I haven’t drank. That may change this year since I am hitting that midlife number this year… but we shall see. Not my actual midlife. This bitch will be around to torment you to damn near 100, I know it.

Not so proud moment: all that alcohol I abstained from, I am sure I made up for in sugar.

Goal for 2016: To pursue a mostly vegan diet, with some fish in there because that is when I am healthiest and kicking this sugar addiction. Sugar, why are you my crack? I don’t smoke shit, so why must you toy with my emotions like that? Stability for the family and finding OUR home this year. All the kids are hitting some major milestones, so we need to get on it by summer. I will have a high schooler, middle schooler and the baby in kindergarten before I hit 3-5. Also, the birthdays are 5 & 10 this year. Oh and the man is entering his last year of his 30s. What on earth am I going to do? And lastly, to so something about this horrible mom bod. Yes, it is mine. Yes, it birthed these monsters, er angels, ahhh, fuck it, they are heathens. But I have never been this soft, so it’s time to get back to what I know- being active and acting a fool. Alone. I don’t do gyms.

Creating goals: I want to sew more cohesively. I have so much random fabric, and I really just need to reign it in. I need to stick to a palette that I like for myself that will all blend together. I also need to sew more basics. I plan to make myself a swimsuit this year and to learn the bra making. Also, sewing more for my husband. And lastly, to find a theme of sewing for my blog. I know what motivates me, but I need to find out what gets my gears turning.

I am really pleased with my sewing this year. I learn more every year and plan to continue to do that.

For my bloggings and creating: I joined in tons of blog tours, pattern tours, and empowering tours for women. I also put together my first BIG blog series: Time for School Capsule, which was also my most popular post of the year. I had my blogiversary tour, and my 2nd Dia de los Muertos tour. My other 4 most popular posts were:
2. Mystery Challenge:  Rockabilly Halter 
3. Wear to Wear: Sunday Brunch
4. Momiform Makeover
5. Blogiversary: Lil Luxe Collection

I created my first pattern, as well as a few more free patterns and tutorials. My most sewn pattern designer was Filles a Maman. Runner ups were: Sofilantjes, Patterns for Pirates and Lil Luxe Collection. I had 2 of my designs chosen to be drafted into a pattern: the Rebel Girl Party dress from Bella Sunshine Designs and the Poppy peplum pants from Filles a Maman. I starting blogging as a contributor at UpCraft Club and am excited for the things to come there this year. I had a 123 total posts this year, which averages out to be 10 per month. I hope to get that average up to 12 a month this year. I featured approximately 45 pattern designers on my blog this year, and a few of them started in 2015 and quickly became new favorites. And here is an insane collage of the makes I seem to have blogged and saved in the computer.

My kids will all be in school, so it is time to think about pursuing my education in fashion design, merchandising, pattern making, etc. It’s been a life long dream and it is time to start making it happen. So in my mind, 2016 is a year for lots of changes, but lots of hope.

Thanks for reading along my journey and I hope to see many of you return for what is to come this year. I promise I am discovering my eclectic style and very outspoken voice. Be prepared for lots more of my insanity coming.

Stay rebellious!

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