Sunday Lately: First 2016 Edition

My first Sunday Lately of 2016- and it feels pretty fucking amazing! I’m not gonna lie. I am soooo happy that 2015 is over. I had some highs, but the lows by far surpassed those highs and I am ready to get this car moving.

Thank goodness for this week;

-My kidlets went back to school
-My 2nd child celebrated 12 years of tormenting me with his icky smells and disgusting farts. Thank goodness for his sweet demeanor and exceptional art skills.
-My sew jo is back and I have been a sewing machine.
-I am back to pattern testing and blog tour prep (5 things made so far for tests or tours)
-I’m an eating machine today because I go full force into a “mostly” vegan lifestyle.
-I’m working on impulse fabric shopping and trying to pay more attention to the colors/patterns I wear. It’s really hard growing up.
-I’m making my plans for this year to come which I swear to the Goblin King, they will include better photos, better posing, and hopefully slightly less bitch face.
-I signed up for my towns weight loss challenge, not so much to lose weight, but just as an added motivation (how about $1000 cash) and the sense of community I get being involved in fitness with friends and my husband.
-I’m getting prepared to decide what work path I want to take and it is scary. Work from home or go back to working out of the house? Adulting sucks!

Plans for this coming week include some blog posts about my most recent sews, more pattern tests, and trying to figure out my theme for the month.

A highlight of my week was my Me made outfit that including items that are constantly in the rotation so that was a happy day for me.

Carrie Cardigan from The Sew What Club (laserknit)
Bayside Bateau Swearter from Koerbs Bros (crop version modified)
My trusty Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files
Slouchy Beanie from FAM

And a sneak peek of what is to come this week:

See you all later this week and be sure to check out all the Sunday Lately posts by clicking the photos below.

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe
Thanks for stopping by this crazy place, 
Stay rebellious!

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