5 out of 4 Fleece Pullover Tour

I am a big baby when it comes to cold which is laughable since I live in California. But our temperatures do get lows of teens and with daytime highs being in between the 30s-40s plus the crazy 60-70 mph winds we get. If you know anything about desert seasons, they are harshly drastic and a pain in the ass. Normal snowy cold, not so bad, but windy, sometimes wet cold makes me miserable. So fleece is a common item here. I love my fleece leggings, tights, jackets, sweaters, etc.

When this tour for the Fleece Pullovers from 5 out of 4 Patterns, I knew I wanted to hack it a bit to have a funnel/cowl type neck instead. This was an easy mod. I kept the front piece as normal minus cutting for the zipper. I also cut the neck slightly deeper. Then I used the collar as a semi template and added to the width so that the neck would be able to fit over my head. My fleece was a blanket, so not very stretchy, which is why the gray sweater knit is there to help ease my head. It is the perfect pullover for those blistery days, going to the mountains, or wearing anywhere where you need some extra warmth. I love that my neck can be pulled up over my face to keep me warm and keep my breath hot.

Pattern Details:

Sizes XXS-3XL
2 Views: Plain view and Panel View
Nursing Option
Optional pockets
2 Zipper lengths
Detailed Tutorial with photos and illustrations
Clickable Table of Contents in Tutorial
Layers so you can print only the sizes you need
Cutting layouts for pattern pieces

This is a fast and fairly easy pattern to make. If you are scared of zippers, this would be a great pattern to try out zippers with. The fit is loose enough to be comfortable and for movement. It is definitely essential for you if you are active or outdoors a lot. I will be making lots more and getting the kid’s one for my children.

Be sure to see what all the other bloggers have made with their fleece pullover.

1/10/16: Larissa from Connected by a Thread
1/11/16: JaNette from Merri Poppins
1/12/16: Ula from Lulu and Celeste
1/13/16: Tibeca from Sewing by Ti
1/14/16: Melissa from Rebel and Malice
1/15/16: Heather from All things Katy and Patricia from Sew Far North
1/16/16: Essence from Adventures with Bubba and Bug

You can purchase your own copy of any of the 5 out of 4 patterns here for 30% using the code “fleeceforall” now through Jan 17th as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary!

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay Rebellious!


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