Strong is the New Skinny: Take a Hike

I’m so stoked to be a part of the Strong is the New Skinny Tour that Freenotion has organized. It is the perfect way to kick off the new year for those of us who vow to be healthy, or at least become healthier. I have always been a very active person, but not athletic. I’m clumsy and such a sore loser. It is ridiculous! I have done so many things: dancing, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, workout videos, circuit training, running, cardio hell aka treadmills/elliptical and even some sports. However, my one true love is being outdoors. This for me means: Hiking, walking, mountain biking and running.

My tried and true activity is walking and hiking. I have been hiking since I could walk, and my dad said I was a natural billy goat. I would scale rocks and narrow pathways no problem. How this is possible is beyond me because I am one of those people who trips over air. To this day, my 2 favorite hikes are hiking to the top of Vernal Falls in Yosemite and hiking the Narrows in Zion. I mean, if these places are not God’s country, then I don’t know what is. I have plans to hike some local peaks and falls this year.

On a bad week, I walk around 18 miles a week just walking around town taking my kids back and forth. Oh yeah, I don’t drive so I walk everywhere and the average distance from my home is 3 miles one way to schools or stores. I only mind it when it is really really hot or the weather is crappy like the El Nino weather we are getting this winter. I’m not complaining California, we need it! On an active week where my neighbors aren’t giving me rides, I walk 45 miles 5 days a week. Then my average weekly hike is around 4 miles round trip. Nothing super strenuous since my kids are always with me, but still enough activity to make my body feel like it is doing something.

The reason why I love being outdoors is because the view is gorgeous, you get peace of mind, and you really get to embrace all of nature with the sounds, the colors, the smells, the overall feeling. Hiking is meant for all levels and can be as easy as you like or as hard as you like. But I must warn, hiking is addicting and the most beautiful places are usually the hardest to obtain… but so worth the wait. It is something that I can do when i need to be alone and it is something that I can enjoy and share with my children. When we went on this hike, they started making nature journals and loves observing and drawing everything. Plus it gave us a moment to reflect and talk.

March hikes to our favorite local spot

Nature is freedom. Nature is peace. Nature does not judge you. Nature is always there. Nature allows you to be the you that you want to be.

Since I am outdoors, my clothes need to be comfortable, breathable and able to get dirty. Spring & Summer time hikes, I wear shorts and tanks, but I wear socks that cover my ankles because of snakes. I get hot very easily so a good sports bra and tank is important. In the cooler months I wear a sweater or hoodie and some running tights. If it is a strenuous hike, then good hiking shoes are necessary. Otherwise, I wear some good trailrunners. I wanted to make something to hike in that could double as walking/running/yoga gear so I made the Stride Tights from Greenstyle and I modified this free sports bra pattern from The sewing Rabbit. Then top with my favorite tank and a sweater.

I used this fun Lycra spandex I found on Ebay and love it because it is so pretty and makes me excited to be active. I think a great way to get motivated is 1) Wear clothes that fit you, not giant oversized clothes that hide you and 2) Wear clothes that you feel good in meaning styles you likes, colors that appeal to you, fun prints, sassy sayings. You want your clothes to make you feel good about making these healthy choices. Believe me, I need constant motivation so wearing clothes that I like is the first thing I do.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks
-John Muir

Click the photo below to be taken to the tour page and see what all these badass ladies are doing to be strong.

And a little disclaimer:

“I feel silly even needing to state this disclaimer, but “better safe than sorry,” they say. The talented women participating in this tour are NOT trained physicians (unless they state otherwise). I hope you find their testimony encouraging and motivating – but they are NOT adequate substitutes for the advice of your own doctor, trainer, or other health professional. Please consult an expert before adjusting or creating your own fitness regimen.”

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay rebellious!

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